Welcome to Our Practice:

 Arias Neuropsychology & Behavioral Medicine, PC

(Located in the Bryan East Plaza)

 1500 S 48th St Ste 510

 Lincoln, NE 68506-1279

 Phone: 402.323.8890

 Fax:     402.323.8893

Monday-Friday 7a-3p

Arias Neuropsychology and Behavioral Medicine, PC focuses on the assessment, treatment, and treatment planning of a wide spectrum of neurological, neurodevelopmental, and psychological conditions that can negatively impact an individual’s life at different developmental stages.

Our unique background in both medicine and psychology enables us to more fully understand an individual’s current level of cognitive, psychological, and adaptive functioning in order to develop targeted intervention plans and ensure attainment of optimal functioning in as many life areas as possible.

Types of Services:

Neuropsychological Testing & Evaluation

Psychoeducational Testing/ Learning Disabilities/Testing Accommodations

Individual and Family Psychotherapy

Sports Psychology

Health Psychology & Wellness

Chronic Pain Psychology

Stress Management

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Social Skills Training

Common Conditions:

Neurological Disorders   - Neurodevelopmental Disorders - Neurodegenerative Disorders - Dementia - ADD/ADHD - Dyslexia - Autism - Genetic Syndromes - Traumatic Brain Injury - Concussion - Stroke -                                                   Sleep Disorders - Depression - Anxiety